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February Summary

January and February was a write off, play-wise, with only essential travel allowed and any exercise taken had to start or finish at your home. Not much use for Croquet, but I've been keeping my eye in with practice games of Palle Malle up & down my street..,,,(not really!).
The UK Government has announced that we *will* be able to access the courts and play again from March 29th IF the monitored trends continue their promising direction until then.
However, maintenance is now allowed, so please step up and volunteer to blow away some of the winter cobwebs down at the club - there's plenty to do...


Lockdown 3.0 5th January

The latest national lockdown guidance for England states that "Outdoor sports venues, including tennis courts, golf courses and swimming pools, must close." The CA therefore advises croquet clubs to close until the restrictions are I guess we're Closed - sorry y'all.

Tier 4 stuff - 1st Jan

THE CA says;
The new Tier 4 areas face tighter restrictions. The government's guidance states that outdoor sports courts can remain open for individual exercise, and for people to use with others within your household, support bubble, or with one person from another household.
The CA's Coronavirus Task Force interprets this to mean that, for clubs or players in Tier 4 areas, only one game of singles should take place on a court, unless the players are members of a family group or support bubble.

...Let's have a great year...

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