Pendle & Craven Croquet Club

Hosted Tournaments '18



1. Please Book Lunch in advance (~£8-£10/day)
2. Entries accepted in order
3. Online entries via email & Bacs payment accepted, or boring CA form & post
4. Local places where to stay 
Entries to Tournament Secretary.

Steve Skelton Hcp(9)
Lee Hartley Hcp(-1)
Betty Bates Hcp(10)
Barry McKenzie Hcp(8)
Keith Brewster Hcp(22)
Ivan Wheatley Hcp(6)
Sue Pritchard Hcp(16)
Chris Alvery Hcp(14)
Paul Kenworthy Hcp(1.5)
Dave Williamson Hcp(18)
Roger Schofield Hcp(2)
Paul Dowdall Hcp(8)
David Boyd(4.5)
Robin Tasker(8)
Libby Dixon(14)

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